Saturday, October 6, 2012

_gaia Studios 10th Anniversary Countdown: Willa Goldthwaite


We're breaking up the pace of the countdown a bit with a testimonial from artist and  _gaia member, Willa Goldthwaite!


I was first introduced to _gaia when [NJCU Professor] Winifred McNeill recommended me for the 5th Wonder Women residency in the spring of 2010, WW5: Ah, Motherland. I submitted a proposal for a project based on my relationship with my grandmother who immigrated here from Japan in the 50's. I met some really inspirational women artists and we met every week for several months critiquing each other's work and talking about subjects revolving around mother's and birth places and everything that comes along with that. We cooked food for each other and told stories. I was pregnant throughout the residency which I didn't tell my co-wonder women until the installation of our first opening. We showed our work at NJCU and the Bronx Art Space. I have continued to work with _gaia and it's current members and will be participating in their 10th anniversary events. Hope to see you there!

Here's Willa's artwork from Wonder Woman 5: Ah, Motherland!





Read more about the Wonder Women residency here:



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