Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art Social 4 - Halloween Edition at Jersey City Art School



Instigatorzine & Jersey City Art School present ART SOCIAL:

A fun, creative alternative to your usual Friday night.


Tired of the usual hanging out at bars every Friday? Tired of the usual dinner and movie every Friday? Why should Friday be usual? Make your Friday SPOOKY. Hang out with artists at Jersey City Art School! Talk about art, make art, see art, be with art. 


-Come hang out with artists in your costumes! You know you want to.

-Collaborate on a project with a friend or new friend

-Participate in the drawing game, Battle Lines, run by Matt Cap, Jesse Amoroso, and/or Norm Kirby

-Work on your own art, and talk to people about your process, what inspires you--share your work with the community

-Get to know local artists and watch them do what they do best!

-Drawing ability not required, you can come as a spectator!


Performance by Glenn or Glenda!


COSTUME CONTEST, judged by IZ Senior Editor Jenna Kildosher, because it's her birthday.


1ST Place: Sack o' Candy, Artist print of Art Social Cover, Copy of IZ17

2ND Place: Sack o' Candy, Event Poster, IZ Sticker, Button, Wristband

3RD Place: Sack o' Candy


Jersey City Art School (JCAS) is a for-profit collective in downtown Jersey City, designed with the community's residents in mind and using its wealth of artistic resources. Its focus is on growth of the individual artist—those involved can learn new skills, build a portfolio, or just hone their existing technique in an environment that fosters communication, even friendship, with others who have the same interests and talent. As the school expands, it will continue to look to local artists to participate both as students and instructors, further developing the lively arts scene in Jersey City and beyond.


Founded in 2010 by Keith Chiappone and Narciso Espiritu Jr., Instigatorzine is an independent literature and art magazine providing a platform for writers and artists who have none. Based in Jersey City and Bayonne, NJ, Instigatorzine receives submissions from all over the world and publishes them in a bi-monthly schedule. Instigatorzine is also one of few magazines that creates illustrations for submitted literature. Instigatorzine is not about reptiles.


Cover by Narciso Espiritu Jr.




See you later, INSTIGATOR.


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