Monday, October 1, 2012

_gaia Studios 10th Anniversary Countdown


Ten years of anything is always a time to celebrate. Ten years of women artists and activists creating art, events, and opportunities in visual and media arts, performance, and design is a pretty big deal. 


Instigatorzine is celebrating ten years of _gaia Studios by highlighting events throughout its distinguished decade in operation, all leading up to the _gaia Gala at City Hall in Jersey City.


Come back each day for some interesting facts, funnies, and milestones in _gaia Studios history! For now, here's a bit about _gaia's founders: Doris Caçoilo and Amie Figueiredo.



_gaia was founded in 2002 by Amie Figueiredo and Doris Caçoilo. Long time friends and activists, they brought together a group of women to begin organizing around women’s issues, activism and supporting local artists. _gaia has grown to have a long list of accomplished programs and events as well as a large group of supporters, artists and volunteers.



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