Friday, October 19, 2012

_gaia Studios 10th Anniversary Countdown: Hudson County Leadership in the Arts Award

It's a pretty big deal when you and your group's efforts are recognized by the municipality. 

That happened in 2008 when Hudson County Cultural Affairs presented Doris Caçoilo the Hudson County Leadership in the Arts Award for her work with _gaia Studio. It's no surprise that Caçoilo deserves this award. Through _gaia, she's been able to organize women artists around women's issues, activism, and support local artists.

Strange to think that just ten years ago, _gaia was just a small group of women in a basement, and now, it's grown to dozens of women, exhibiting work locally and on the road, from Brooklyn to Cyprus, and helping to bring a community together through art. 

Happy TEN, _gaia! Here's to TEN MORE!



See you later, INSTIGATOR.



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