Wednesday, October 3, 2012

_gaia Studios 10th Anniversary Countdown: Wonder Woman I: Subconscious Hero



WWI: Subconscious Hero, A Wonder Women Project exhibition at the Jersey City Free Public Library
(March 30th - June 23rd, 2006)

The work in this exhibition was the result of a unique artist residency which began on March 26th, 2006. Seven artists were invited to meet weekly at _gaia studio to discuss current social issues and to explore the topics brought forth in our artistic practice. The artists and curators would first participate in critical discussion, followed by the presentation of works in progress and group critique. It was intended that in this deep mindfulness with honest dialogue about social change, gender issues, and the social and political status of the world, art would become the truest expression of ourselves relating to a shared dialogue.



This first artist residency goes on to evolve into several more, different Wonder Woman projects spreading throughout New Jersey, Brooklyn, and even the Mediterreanean!

Want to check out Jersey City's Public Library? We think you should! 


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