Wednesday, October 10, 2012

_gaia Studio 10th Anniversary Countdown: Cristine Posner


We hope you're enjoying the countdown to _gaia Studio's 10th Anniversary. Here's a testimonial about the collective from artist, Cristine Posner!

_gaia to me is inspiration! It's the inspiration I need to continue to make artwork every day. Going to college for a degree in art, we are constantly reminded by our professors that very few students continue to make work after college. In my senior year at New Jersey City University, I applied and was accepted into Wonder Woman 6, _gaia's annual artist residency. It was truly a challenge. Not only is it difficult to create a body of work for an exhibition in five weeks, but I was trying to do it while finishing up my BFA Thesis Show. As hard as it was, it was so thrilling to meet with the residency women every week, and to get to be exposed to other artist's work and experience their creative processes. 

After completing my degree, I decided to apply for another Wonder Women residency. After my proposal was accepted and I realized I was no longer a student with endless labs and resources available to make the work, I heard that _gaia was looking for a new member. I decided to join, but it wasn't a decision solely based on the space and equipment, it was based a lot on the women, the _gaia members. These women have shown me what it takes to keep going, to keep creating, and there isn't a group of women I could be more proud to be a part of. 




Cristine has participated in several _gaia projects and events including WW6: New News is Old News and WW7: The Learning Agency, exhibiting work in Jersey City, Newark, and Brooklyn. Find her work this weekend during the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour, and at the _gaia Gala and silent auction on October 19 at City Hall in Jersey City. 


See you later, INSTIGATOR.


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