Saturday, October 6, 2012

_gaia Studio 10th Anniversary Countdown: Wonder Women II: Mother of God



Wonder Woman II: Mother Of God, A Wonder Women Residency Project exhibition at Mana Fine Arts Exhibition Space

March 1st - April 20th, 2007



Who is the Mother of God? What does she have to do with art? With feminism? With me?

In 2007, _gaia was pleased to present Mother of God: a Wonder Women Project. The exhibition and residency explores notions of feminism, contemporary art practice, art historical iconographies, and spirituality. The show brought together nine emerging artists from the New York/New Jersey area, invited to participate in the six-week residency at _gaia studio in Hoboken, New Jersey. The exhibition aimed to examine and critique the societal, personal, and collective experiences of feminism and the history of organized religion.





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