Friday, October 5, 2012

_gaia Studios 10th Anniversary Countdown: Threads


_gaia held a fashion show in 2008 at Jersey City Museum featuring haute couture works of art made by 20 prominent, local artists and designers including Despina Papadopoulos, an interactive designer and director of Studio 5050, and Nora Abousteit and Benedikta von Karaisl, the founders of, who have artfully combined non-traditional materials and/or technology to make their creations. Selected designers began the event, free to the public, with comments followed by the runway presentation of "Threads."



Jersey City Museum Feature.


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  1. I went to a contemporary art fair in Shanghai recently, which was a real eye-opener. Chinese contemporary art has come leaps and bounds from the watery Zen landscapes to huge canvases of strange-looking beings. The prices being asked and paid were huge too.
    Oriental, if not Chinese, my print of Jean-Léon Gérôme's painting,, bought some time ago from, is as lovely as ever.


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