Friday, February 3, 2012

Love + Water: Nikibasika



Love + Water is back with a new challenge! 

Nikibasika is an organization invested in a long-term project to help Ugandan children. Nikibasika, meaning "it is possible" in in the Western Ugandan language of Runyankole, is the theme for the learning and development project in Kasese, Uganda. Submitting your t-shirt design to Love + Water could help support Ugandan children, offering them a chance to a better life and to give back to their community, further aiding the country for future generations.

Not to mention your design could also net you a lot of exposure by selling on IndieGoGo, in a special, limited edition campaign. It's an excellent opportunity for the artist, the charity and Love +Water! Plus, every 500 shirts sold gives the artist an additional cash prize! 

That means: Don't wait! Get your work on Love + Water!

Protip for Instigators: the charity, Nikibasika, is looking for a design with a white hand and black hand together.

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