Friday, July 30, 2010

Jim Hanley's Universe

Guess which independent arts and literature editorial is being sold at Jim Hanley's Universe!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

His name is Harvey Pekar.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Instigatorzine 5

Five issues. I never thought we'd make it past the first issue.

I'm kidding. I'm really proud of the product we put out (now). Just seeing the bare layouts make me excited to be working on something like this and inspired by the work encased within it's paper-thin borders.

Really, check it out.

Cover Art by Kristen Chiappone

The July issue features literature:

"Anasthesia" by Liz Vosk
"AM" by Michael Weems
"Master" by Krystal Sital
"Just Like High School" by Amanda Halkiotis
"In Praise of Honey" by John Biscello
"Tarred and Feathered" by Mark Blickley
"Apples to Oranges" by Daniel O'Connor
"Small Amusements" by Ben Nardolilli
"A Day Spent with Words" by Kate Giusfredi
"The Stink-Eye" by David Sansevere
"There's a Where" by Nathan Fuller
"Language as Play" by Nicole Contreras
"Old and New" by Jacqueline Nigro
"The Weary Lacrymosa" by Dana Facchine
"Misunderstandings of the Third Kind" by Daniel Shebses

...And art from:
Stephanie Herrera
Kelly Cuenca
Elias Jimenez
Madelynne Dela Rama
Steven Defendini
Chazz Jogie
Kristen Chiappone
and more!

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