Friday, October 26, 2012

Instigatorzine Playlist: Chilled

Need something to fill your dance party this weekend? We may have something for you. 
Tunes selected by IZ's Farooq Alihassan, Carlos Castillo, Tati Dengo, and Narciso Espiritu Jr. 

The Old School Video Game Art Show - Level 2, at Gallery 1988 Venice


Tonight, Fridayn, October 26th, Gallery1988 (Venice) will open its 2nd Annual Old School Video game Art Show, now dubbed Level 2. This exhibit will feature artwork from almost 75 artists, all inspired by video games of yesteryear.

Featuring work by...


Lauren Bifano

Samuel Ho

Michelle Coffee

Steven Thomas


Looks like good work all around regardless of if you're into video games or not. If you're in Los Angeles right now, you should give it a look!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Roland Tomayo's "Where the Heart Is" at Gallery 1988 Melrose


Tonight at Gallery 1988: Melrose, Roland Tomayo's first solo in Los Angeles, "Where the Heart Is," will be opening to the public. Tomayo's paintings exude imagery from nostalgia, sea creatures, and his hometown in what is sure to be an excellent live viewing.

Check Arrested Motion for a more in-depth preview.


Galleries 1988

Roland Tomayo


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Friday, October 19, 2012

_gaia Studios 10th Anniversary Countdown: Hudson County Leadership in the Arts Award

It's a pretty big deal when you and your group's efforts are recognized by the municipality. 

That happened in 2008 when Hudson County Cultural Affairs presented Doris Caçoilo the Hudson County Leadership in the Arts Award for her work with _gaia Studio. It's no surprise that Caçoilo deserves this award. Through _gaia, she's been able to organize women artists around women's issues, activism, and support local artists.

Strange to think that just ten years ago, _gaia was just a small group of women in a basement, and now, it's grown to dozens of women, exhibiting work locally and on the road, from Brooklyn to Cyprus, and helping to bring a community together through art. 

Happy TEN, _gaia! Here's to TEN MORE!



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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recap: 22nd Annual Jersey City Artists Studio Tour



Missed out on the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour last weekend? That's alright. I guess. You're lucky Jersey City Independent was all over JCAST 2012. JCI staffers Jennifer Weiss, Summer Dawn Hortillosa, and Steve Gold were photographing all weekend.

Here's links to JCI's coverage of the weekend:

Artists and Their Work: A Series of Jersey City Artists Studio Tour Portraits (Steve Gold):

Discovering the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour Or, My Best First Date Ever (Summer Dawn Hortillosa):

PHOTOS: Jersey City Artists Studio Tour 2012 (Jennifer Weiss):


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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art Social 4 - Halloween Edition at Jersey City Art School



Instigatorzine & Jersey City Art School present ART SOCIAL:

A fun, creative alternative to your usual Friday night.


Tired of the usual hanging out at bars every Friday? Tired of the usual dinner and movie every Friday? Why should Friday be usual? Make your Friday SPOOKY. Hang out with artists at Jersey City Art School! Talk about art, make art, see art, be with art. 


-Come hang out with artists in your costumes! You know you want to.

-Collaborate on a project with a friend or new friend

-Participate in the drawing game, Battle Lines, run by Matt Cap, Jesse Amoroso, and/or Norm Kirby

-Work on your own art, and talk to people about your process, what inspires you--share your work with the community

-Get to know local artists and watch them do what they do best!

-Drawing ability not required, you can come as a spectator!


Performance by Glenn or Glenda!


COSTUME CONTEST, judged by IZ Senior Editor Jenna Kildosher, because it's her birthday.


1ST Place: Sack o' Candy, Artist print of Art Social Cover, Copy of IZ17

2ND Place: Sack o' Candy, Event Poster, IZ Sticker, Button, Wristband

3RD Place: Sack o' Candy


Jersey City Art School (JCAS) is a for-profit collective in downtown Jersey City, designed with the community's residents in mind and using its wealth of artistic resources. Its focus is on growth of the individual artist—those involved can learn new skills, build a portfolio, or just hone their existing technique in an environment that fosters communication, even friendship, with others who have the same interests and talent. As the school expands, it will continue to look to local artists to participate both as students and instructors, further developing the lively arts scene in Jersey City and beyond.


Founded in 2010 by Keith Chiappone and Narciso Espiritu Jr., Instigatorzine is an independent literature and art magazine providing a platform for writers and artists who have none. Based in Jersey City and Bayonne, NJ, Instigatorzine receives submissions from all over the world and publishes them in a bi-monthly schedule. Instigatorzine is also one of few magazines that creates illustrations for submitted literature. Instigatorzine is not about reptiles.


Cover by Narciso Espiritu Jr.


See you later, INSTIGATOR.


_gaia Studio 10th Anniversary Countdown: Wonder Women 7: New News is Old News


Enveloping all of 2011, Wonder Woman 7: New News is Old News, is probably the largest _gaia project to date. With three different exhibitions in three different cities (Newark, Brooklyn, Cyprus), two residencies in two parts of the globe (Jersey City, Cyprus), and one awesome project, it's difficult to argue otherwise. WW7: New News is Old News tackles a very contemporary topic as social media transforms into a more legitimate form of assessing and communicating news, entertainment, and other media.


More about WW7 from the _gaia website:

This year the residency program is tackling the concept of real time media and the ramifications of our evolving relationship with news. It is co-curated by Doris Cacoilo and Maya Joseph-Goteiner.

In our society, the importance of news has shifted; some would argue that it has been elasticized or else devalued. As the blogosphere replaces the daily newspaper as the purveyor and distributor of breaking news, the reporting of events is no longer filtered by the journalist/editor. Instead the voice of news is replaced by a dynamic exchange of information.

Already, online, the same article that has appeared black on white in the early print edition has been updated, corrected or even replaced on the web. Newspaper stories no longer fit the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of news as “a report of recent events: previously unknown information.” In many respects, we have created an endless source of updated information online, a bottomless pit of patter. We cannot possibly consume all the news and commentary published online, and while few people have the time to read the entire newspaper, even fewer can keep up with the minute-to-minute updates via Twitter, blogs, online publications, and RSS feeds.


This gallery contains photos from the WW7 exhibition at Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ:


This gallery contains photos from the WW7 exhibition at the Peace Room in Nicosia, Cyprus:


This gallery contains photos from the WW7 exhibition at Gowanus Studio Space in Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY:


These are the people involved throughout WW7:



Doris Cacoilo

Maya Joseph-Goteiner

Alana Kakoyiannis

Ozgul Ezgin

Ellada Evangelou




Christine DaCruz

Mairikke Dau

Sharon de la Cruz

Escobar – Morales

Melissa MacAlpin

Lindsey Muscato

Laryssa Myers

Cristine Posner

Sharone Vendriger

Nicole Wilson

Heleniq Argyrou

Kakia Catselli

Eser Keçeci

Gökçe Keçeci ?ekero?lu

Costantia Manoli

Maria Petrides

Julie Sandor

See you later, INSTIGATOR.


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