Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So-Low Theatre Festival


Looking for something new? Something simple, something elegant, something exciting, and something funny? The So-Low Theatre Festival is for you! All this weekend, one-person shows rock Art House Productions in Jersey City, NJ.

Thursday, Sept 27

Friday, Sept 28

Saturday, Sept 29

Sunday, Sept 30



All shows $6.00


Art House Productions Theaterspace

1 McWilliams Place, 6th Floor

Jersey City, NJ

Sponsored by

Hamilton Square


Provident Bank

A full weekend of original one-person shows!

You Gotta Have Faith (or We'll Disown You)

Written by Mark Williams

9/27 @7pm, 9/28 @10:30pm

Performed by Richard Kirkwood

A hilarious, honest and provocative account of what it's like to be an atheist in a very Catholic family


Written and Performed by Summer Dawn Hortillosa

9/27 @8pm, 9/29 @10:30pm

A series of monologues from the mouths of people who live inside their heads.

Hurricane Alana

Written and Performed by Alana Jackler

9/28 @7pm, 9/30 @5:45pm

A funny and touching story about a girl's search for love, a home and a good mold specialist.

Musical Theater for Asian Males (Only Edition)

Written and Performed by Jonathan G Galvez

9/28 @8:15pm, 9/29 @4pm

One Asian man looks at the role of his race in theater, media, and society.


Written and Performed by Ismail Azeem

9/28 @9:30pm, 9/30 @ 8pm

A poetic world where Demetrius has a spirit child in his hand, Hipsters attempt the great revolution, and televisions are manufactured to watch people back.

Going to America

Written and Performed by John Watts

9/29 @5:15pm, 9/30 @3pm

A Welsh boy immigrating to the fantasy of a new life experiences the journey we all take from childhood to adolescence.


Written and Performed by Gabby Creery

9/29 @6:30pm, 9/30 @7pm

The riveting true account of a family's turbulent journey down the rabbit hole of unemployment, poverty and the threat of homelessness.

Letters to My Mother (But Really for my Father)

Written and Performed by Kate Kaiser

9/29 @7:45pm, 9/30 @4:15pm

Sometimes, the most important conversation you can have is with someone who is gone.

Click, Spark, Vroom

Written and Performed by Daniel Wilson

9/29 @7:45pm, 9/30 @4:15pm

A 17-year-old explains the first time he ever experienced the thrill of being behind the wheel.

The Shim-Sham Slam: A Dancer's Manifesto

Written and Performed by Ariel Seidman-Wright

9/29 @7:45pm, 9/30 @4:15pm

Blending spoken word with dance, The Shim Sham Slam: a Dancer's Manifesto looks at the highs and lows of dedicating your life to a near impossible dream.

Art House Productions
Hamilton Square
1 McWilliams Place, 6th Floor, Jersey City, NJ
(SE Corner of Hamilton Park near Erie St./8th St.)

Based in Jersey City, NJ, Art House Productions has been creating innovative performance, broadcast, and publishing opportunities for artists since September 2001.

More information can be found by calling 201-915-9911.

This event is made possible by SILVERMAN: Building Neighborhoods

developers of Hamilton Square: www.LivingOnThePark.com

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