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Art Pillage: Cerberus



Instigatorzine Art Pillage
Cerberus: Bagger43, David Hoskins, Douglas Hoffman
Bold Hype Gallery. Jan 19 - Feb 11
With a special feature at Bold Hype Gallery, displaying works by three artists, Cerberus gets a special treatment with three different perspectives from three different Instigatorzine artists.
Bagger43's work is nothing short of amazing. The contrast between background and foreground in his work is something that pulls you in. Viewing his paintings transport you into a different world - They give you a light sense of insecurity, but you can't help explore them some more. While the use of geometric shapes alongside loose brush strokes is something that might put off certain viewers, Bagger43 pulls it off very well. While many of his pieces difer from one another, you cannot deny the talent he posseses. If you're a fan of David Choe, James Jean, Os Gemeos, or Conor Harrington, you definitely need to keep your eye out for Bagger43.
-Carlos Castillo
David Hoskins
David Hoskin’s work oozes  sci-fi horror with urban graffiti and illustration influences. His work feature bold lines with vivid colors creating high-contrast imagery that are pleasing to the eye while his sometimes grotesque imagery and strangeness leave you uneasy, yet delightfully pleased. Standouts include “Nest,” which features dual-imagery and his signature organic growths that seem to spawn from their human hosts and inevitably take over. Hoskins’ use of color and themes of parasitic growths brings to mind the technicolor nightmares of the 60’s- 70’s  sci-fi craze. Hoskin’s work shows the decay of humanity by the invasion of these “body-snatcheresque” creatures of their host humans.The humans are often times left to seem incoherent and with a blank stare that only enhance their astounding appeal and eeriness as in “Consumption.” Which features cascading growths weaving throughout piece, consuming the woman that seems to be experiencing euphoria. Hoskins’ work leaves you disturbed and appalled while wanting more, amazing imagery that has a vintage yet new quality that please the cerebral cortex.
-Farooq Alihassan



Douglas Hoffman

Let’s be clear: I’ve never been driven to do street art or write graffiti. Sure, I was curious about it growing up; the lifestyle, the thrill, the immediacy and spontaneity of the artwork were all very fine points on why to start doing it. It just wasn’t for me. I wasn’t fast-enough on my toes or in my mind. I do appreciate it though. Douglas Hoffman is an artist who’s firmly based in elements of graffiti. From a young age, Hoffman explored creating art on unconventional surfaces. The world was his canvas: trains, wood, buildings and other structures. Eventually, the canvas became his canvas, too. Such is seen in Cerberus.
Hoffman’s style of painting is not one expected from an artist based in the methods of street art. Brush strokes are defined and even very delicate in some areas of his compositions, and juxtapositions between background and subject can sometimes be jarring and distracting (“Pig Farm”) or engaging and symbiotic (South Brooklyn Platform Splash series). However, that is where Hoffman truly shines. Mixing and experimenting relationships between art and surface creates a unique tension, forging a dialogue not only between viewer and art, but within the composition itself.

In the aptly-titled Cerberus collaborative piece, “Cerberus,” Hoffman unites with Bagger43 and David Hoskins to reinterpret the mythic, triple-cranium canine on two large canvases. Hoskins’ signature amorphous forms and Bagger43’s bold, graphic color streaks strikingly grab and hold your attention, while Hoffman’s impression on the piece struggles to make an impact. Perhaps it was just my fleeting attention and excitement of being at the Cerberus opening reception, but I found a hard time finding Hoffman’s influence on the collaborative painting. It was only when I finally got to writing my piece of this trio-gallery impression that I saw where Hoffman had made his mark. Of course, I appreciated the painting even more when I realized where his precision strokes were, but I almost wish it were more obvious.
Hoffman’s art is visually stunning: the surreal, totemic arrangement of characters that populate his compositions, whether on the canvas or not, are a real treat to see. However, when surrounded by fellow Cerberus artists, Hoskins and Bagger43, Hoffman’s light is somewhat diffused, but that’s probably because all three artists are definitely good at what they do.

-Narciso Espiritu Jr.

See the full gallery online at:
(But, be sure to see it in person!)

Bold Hype Gallery
547 West 27th St, 5th floor
New York, NY 10001

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