Thursday, November 11, 2010

Becoming an instigator is easy...

Becoming an instigator is easy! I started as a little boy when my father spanked me and I said, "That doesn't hurt!"

He responded in a menacing tone, "Oh yeah?" to which I ran upstairs and locked myself in my bedroom.

That's not all it takes to be an instigator though. Each month we print a mock definition of the term on the cover of our zine. Most of the time it's jokey (i.e. to wear white after Labor Day, to spit in someone's overpriced burnt coffee). The fourth issue featured a new article that has been printed and will be printed in ever issue following called the Instigator of the Month. The idea of this article is to publish articles recognizing people in history or local news that did something remarkable. To instigate always means to ignite change in the way things are done. I said, "That doesn't hurt!" to my father because his mode of punishment was not effective and needed to be changed.

So what can you do to become an instigator?

Earlier this year I made a list of things I believe and do not believe. Make this list yourself. When making this list I discovered a lot about myself that I hadn't known before. Many of my beliefs conflict with my non-beliefs. You will probably find the same. It's human nature to be inconsistent. It's the inconsistencies we must embrace. After you make this list, tell others to make their own list and find things that you agree on. Change occurs when there is strength in numbers. Without others following you, you might be crazy. Be warned though, having a very large following is also a sign you might be insane. There are extremes to both sides.

In the meantime, as you're doing all this and figuring out what you feel really strongly about, submit to the magazine! We want to hear your short stories and poetry. Tell us about when you were wronged, changes you think need to be made. We may just publish it!

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