Saturday, October 2, 2010

Have we let you down? Maybe.

Trying to find someone to primarily run the blog, but the only person who has access to a lot of different things, at least Instigatorzine wise, are either me or Keith.

Trusting a person with IZ secrets shouldn't be a problem since there are no IZ secrets.

For now, if you live in the Jersey City area, you should definitely be checking out the Jersey City Artists' Studio Tour. It's well worth the effort you'll be putting into walking and traveling all over Jersey City, invading many artists' personal spaces.

Is it invasion if they let you? Probably not.

Check out The Black Hollies while you're walking around 4th Street in Jersey City. They're a good band based in Jersey City. I discovered them when I was checking out the Grove Street Creative Market three weeks ago. The Black Hollies will be playing around 8p on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, Instigatorzine 8 is on its way to the printers.

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