Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reading at the Symposia

Tonight the Instigatorzine hosted its first reading. It was located at a small non-profit donation based book store in Hoboken called The Symposia.

First to read was Elizabeth Vosk with her prose piece, "Hate: A Love Story," which appeared in the first issue of the zine. The piece focuses on the many avenues of hate an individual feels after a break up.

After Elizabeth came Lisa Sofranko with her memoir piece, "Glass House"--an excerpt from a longer piece titled, "Fragile." It tells a lovely story about a child's artificial parents--his aunt--and the way he grows up with her, coming across weed, feet on faces, and children's jokes. This piece appears in the second issue of the Instigatorzine.

Third on the lineup was Julie Ellinger Hunt with four poems, two of which appeared in the second edition of the zine ("Red Sweater" and "You Sent Me." She will soon be publishing a poetry book.

After Julie read, we took a ten minute break to eat cookies, chips, and talk about the magazine amongst ourselves. Once we resumed, Angel Eduardo read his piece, "Ends."

Having only been about 7:00, we had some time to fill. I decided last minute to read a piece I published in the zine titled "Dead in the Dining Room." It focuses on an episode the narrator has that forces him to think about those who have died around him, and finally, his own death.

Finally, Robert Jason Clark read his horror piece, "Two for One." This story appeared in the first and second editions of the zine as a continuation. It tells the story of Bill Hess, a lonely, ugly man who hates his wife and makes a Faustian deal to get rid of her.

The night ended pretty well! I can't wait for the next reading!

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